My name is Meredith Santoro. I'm a queer, cisgender female (she, her), a woman of color (black, mixed race), mentally ill, and I make and share stuff. I always try to post sources.
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    girls show u their teeth in warning only….. be careful

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  • i’m watching silent hill revelations because i hate myself and oh my god just jesus. god. it’s so fucking bad there are no words like i’m legitimately angry and had to stop it once already and that’s not counting the first time i tried to watch it like almost a year ago and was like NO. NOOOOOOO

    • Bisexual person in a relationship with someone of a different sex: I'm not straight, I'm bisexual
    • Gay community: you're only saying that because you want to be a part of the Gay Club, you don't belong with us, you're basically just a straight person anyway
    • Bisexual person in a relationship with someone of the same sex: I'm not gay I'm bisexual
    • Gay community: why do you feel the need to clarify that? You just want to be one of the straight people, you just want to reassure them that you're Not That Gay, you don't belong with us
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  • this is how i pack because i’m some kind of child animal.

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    Some days are hard, but I love the person I’m becoming. I love my body


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  • i want to go into the woods and get scratched up by thorns

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    … where did my fucking simblr go?

    nevermind i forgot i moved it to an separate account huehue

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  • … where did my fucking simblr go?

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  • so the movie Livide was weird. i don’t think it made much sense but the visuals were neat. idk. i enjoyed watching it but i don’t think it was a good movie.

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    It wouldn’t let me reblog this post so I had to take a screenshot.

    I’ve watched this post being reblogged for a while and seen the attention it has been received based on the ignorant comment in bold. I’d like to bring attention to the fact that in now way in the text below the picture did I say that black people don’t wash their locs. Neither did I advocate not washing them, as believe it or not I wash my hair on a regular basis. If people had bothered to read the comment properly or to look at my blog and try to find out a bit more about me before making snap judgements then they would know this. A few people did, and I have the utmost respect for those people.

    It disappoints me that on a website designes for freedom of expression, thought and speech that some people still so easily follow the crowd like sheep. You see an opinion you feel like you agree with and jump straight on the bandwagon without even questioning who’s driving. This is how the media brainwash us because people are too lazy to look at the evidence and come to their own independent conclusions. People want the person with the loudest voice to speak for them instead.

    The second point I want to make is how ridiculous it is that you are blaming another persons hairstyle for your inability to succeed in life. You are literally targetting a person you know nothing about, who you didn’t even know existed before you saw this post and you are accusing them of affecting your chances of getting a job. It’s absolutely ludacris.

    I know that it’s generally an easier world for white people, for males, for people who are straight, but it doesn$t mean people don’t have their own struggles. We are all dealt different cards in life but what’s important is how you play the hand you’ve got. There’s inequality in the world and it sucks, but you’ve got to work with what you’ve got. If I change my hairstyle is it going to significantly change your life?? I highly doubt it, and if it did then you are completely disempowering yourself and putting the fate of your own life in someone else’s hands.

    Take control of your life. You can’t blame other people for what you do or do not achieve. You might think that because I’m white I’ve had it all handed to me on a plate right? Well I haven’t. I’ve worked hard for the things I have, my skin colour didn’t get me good grades at school and a degree, and even with this I am working a job earning minimum wage. I have no car, no tv, no iphone, no laptop and you accuse me of being a supremacist. It’s ridiculous.

    If you think an employer is going to judge you on your hairstyle then f*ck that employer! Why would you want to work for someone who discriminates you for your hairstyle anyway? I sure as hell wouldn’t and that’s why I don’t give a crap if people judge me. I’m employed because I’m hard-working, honest and good I what I do and it’s got nothing to do with my skin colour or hairstyle because my bosses aren’t assholes!!

    I get why you’re angry I do. I know I’ve never experienced racial discrimination in the way that people of colour do and maybe I will never understand it completely.  But I’m a woman and that counts for something. I feel angry too when I see so much sexist shit everywhere, but I don’t go around blaming some random male on the internet because they’re paying me less for being a woman. Your intentions might be good but your target is wrong.

    Myself and many other white people who wear dreadlocks or matts or whatever you would like to call them in their hair are not bad people. We are kind, loving, open-minded and unjudging. I don’t have a lot but I give as much as I can to other people and I put a lot of energy into trying to help others and yet you want to berate me for my hairstyle.

    You literally want to completely disregard a person’s entire character, way of life and how they treat other people and instead focus entirely on how they choose to wear their hair. And then you want to use this as a reason for why you can’t succeed in life. Please reconsider your battles.

    "White people’s hair does dread naturally my friends" I repeat. "White people’s hair does dread naturally my friends"

    How else was someone supposed to interpret this? Why not clarify SPECIFICALLY who told you that White people’s hair does not dread naturally? No, instead you went on some pissy, White tears rant about how “racist PoC” got offended. To me the statement above sounds like you were saying that “White people can have the same hairstyle as (insert group here)!” Tell me, how else was this supposed to be interpreted?


    breh you really think somebody gon read all that???

    first of all, the comment prior to mine literally stated he hadn’t washed or brushed his hair in months.

    second of all… “The second point I want to make is how ridiculous it is that you are blaming another persons hairstyle for your inability to succeed in life.” …. I have a B.S. in Microbiology and Cell Science and an M.S. in Biostatistics from two of the best schools/programs in the country. In between those two degrees, i was in a PhD program for Microbiology & Immunology (at age 22) and hated basic research… so i left 3 years in… but not without being published a handful of times. In 18 months at my current position, my work has already led to more than a dozen publications and abstracts presented at major cancer conferences… and there are easily half a dozen more on the near horizon.

    trust me when i say “success” is not now, nor has it ever been, a serious problem for me. 

    so i couldn’t possibly “blame” you for a mediocre life you presume i have when it is entirely unknown to me.

    but you want to talk about judging someone’s life based on something you think superficial… you really tried to call me a failure because i wasn’t nice to you or your friend.

    and i don’t have locs… yet I’ve watched how my friends and family with locs, have been received on paper vs in person. I’ve watched how a white person with dreads is seen as “in a phase”, “quirky”, “creative”, or “unique” and then watched how a Black person with locs is regarded as unclean, gang-affiliated, thuggish, lazy (too lazy to even clean their hair), inept, etc… based solely on appearance. Black people’s natural hair is regulated in a way nobody else’s hair is under the guise of “professionalism” and cleanliness when we ARE clean, but here you are calling this monstrosity naturally-occurring even though you describe it as having been the result of not cleaning or maintaining the hair.

    do. not. pull that white feminism out of your ass… because as little as white women are being paid compared to white men, Black women are paid even less. While the overall is 77 cent to the dollar, Black women are 64 cents to the white man’s dollar. Latina women are 54 cents to the white man’s dollar… but you probably didn’t know that because feminism magnifies the reporting of the 77 cents…and just like you have here, whenever Black women or other women of color bring up the racial component of this [as well as just about every other issue addressed by feminism… or feminist-led attacks on Black female (or other woc) sexuality], white women accuse us of being angry without reason and attacking them as opposed to recognizing the truth because “feminist unity” requires ignoring the plight of women of color, i guess….  White feminism means making it seem like our struggles are equal when they simply are not.

    The military isn’t banning hairstyles traditionally attributed specifically to white women because professionalism.

    In regards to rape stats, RAINN reports white women have the lowest rate other than Asian/Pacific Islander women, but that information is from 1998. More recent figures from the Department of Justice still show white women have the lowest rate other than Asian/Pacific Islander or Latina women … yet white women are nearly always the face of rape survivors. It also shows that poor women have been victims of rape at nearly double the rate of other women for at least 20 years…

    poor women are also more likely to be affected by the restrictions on birth control access. and who is more likely to be poor, you think white women or women of color?

    and why are we less likely to get hired even with the same education?

    and how much of ALL of that (and so much more) is tied into dehumanizing our appearance [existence, rather, but we’ll start with appearance] when it isn’t being demonized or deemed unclean?

    but you don’t care about any of that. you only brought up sexism to derail. you weren’t interested in the links between misogyny and racism or feminism and racism or classism and racism or beauty aesthetics and racism. you just want to think it’s cute not to clean your hair and compare it to the natural hair of Black women and men… and didn’t like being called out on it.

    the nerve of you calling me ignorant…

    last response is great. funny thing, looked at her blog as she’d apprently like us to do. it’s exactly how i thought it would be. white hippies are the fuckin WORST when it comes to this shit. so, thank you, OP for reassuring me that i SHOULD be side-eyeing people like you.

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    hey here’s a thought: stop calling murderers “ps*chos,” because people with psychosis disorders are not your scapegoats for the crimes of evil, evil people

    this goes for other evil people too

    dont be callin fascists and abusers and so on “ps*chos” bc i promise almost none of them have a psychosis disorder, and psychotic people suffer enough stigmatization already

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    i wish more people said that being single is normal

    and you’re not going to meet and marry someone

    and that’s fine

    and if marriage happens, it happens. and it’s not the next big ticket to check off in life’s checklist

    because not everyone meets someone they want to marry. and that’s normal

    you’re not broken or unfulfilled if you are single

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    Today was an exceptional day. 



    white folks have some fucking nerve

    Wow. Whites are just out of control

    Lol wow

    What. The. Entire. FUCK.

    Lawd this is real

    This is pitiful

    Bleaching history for their own racist needs


    and where in the hell are all of the HISTORICAL ACCURACY!!! asshats of Tumblr? 

    They had a FIT about Rapunzel being portrayed by a Black woman with long hair…. because ACCURACY!!! and are silent as fuck about this.

    Hollywood knows people are getting their history from movies. This is completely intentional.

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